Two 15-year-olds want to save the world with a solution to turn clouds into mirrors.

Gideon Futerman from Bushey has set up environmental company, Worldward, alongside Joshua Adams, 15, also from Bushey to help cool down the earth.

Joining up with colleagues from Australia, Belarus and across England, Gideon has come backed a concept called Marine Cloud Brightening as part of his campaign.

This concept is spraying water and salt into the atmosphere to make clouds brighter.

This whiter cloud would be able to reflect sunshine away from the oceans to stop the water warming up.

The 15-year-old co-president of Worldward says this should reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, and could reverse 3C of warming in a matter of months.

Gideon said: “It’s affecting people now.

“It’s not just an environmental issue. It is an economic and social issue too.

“We won’t be able to reduce the emissions in time.

“I have always been wanting to make a difference to people’s lives and learnt about sustainability from my geography lessons.

“A lot of the biggest issues in the world come down to sustainability. This is something I am passionate about.”

His sustainability campaigning organisation has been mulling over the idea of Marine Cloud Brightening since December.

He says that the total cost of building a fleet of unmanned barges necessary for the project over 25 years would cost £2.5 billion which he says is close to nothing compared to the cost of climate change.

He added: “This solution could buy us another 30 years to reduce our emissions which we drastically need, and yet no one is talking about it.”

If you want any more information about Worldward, you can contact Gideon, or visit, or on Facebook @worldward or Instagram @worldward_official.