A five-year-old author has released a series of books featuring him and his brother on their adventures.

Kymani Forde, from Carpenders Park, South Oxhey, is the creator and star of six books published by his parents, Jermaine, 43, and Charmaine, 32.

The little boy impressed his father with stories so much that he later convinced his wife Charmaine to turn them into books.

With photos taken by Charmaine; Kymani and his little brother Shiloh, 3, act out the adventures in the stories.

These are then put together with text and in two weeks of tweaking and editing Kymani’s mother and father are able to publish the story.

Charmaine, 32, said: “We’re so proud of Kymani and what he’s able to do.

“We have always been told by his teachers that he would be telling stories and writing books.

“I’m so excited about it and proud, when people are buying his books he’s smiling and asking me, ‘mummy are these people my fans?’

“My neighbours are coming to me and asking about it, getting some of the books and wondering when the next one will be coming out.”

Kymani’s first story was made during winter and was about spotting a black bird in the snow, only four at the time he later created stories about learning to play with drums and being superhero.

Because of his stories, Kymani has now also become a celebrity at Woodhall Primary School who have been encouraging him to write more of his stories.

The other students at his school have also been flocking around him asking him if they could be featured in one of them.

The five-year-old has already featured his best friend in one story about a football match.

At a school fair he even had to set up a stall to sign copies for students and parents.

When she first heard of her husband’s idea Charmaine said she was confused but later came round to it – she is now devoted to getting Kymani’s stories out there.