A Labour MP will bring a 'Democracy Roadshow’ to Watford – despite not having the support of the local party.

Grassroots left-wing group Momentum will host Derby North MP Chris Williamson at Wellspring Church on October 24.

The Derby North MP’s speaking tour promises to empower Labour members by further democratising the internal affairs of the party.

He is calling for mandatory reselection, in which every MP must be reselected at each election by local party members.

Writing on the official tour website, Williamson said: “Currently, many Labour MPs sitting on big majorities have a job for life.

“Mandatory reselection is an internal election, in which all party members can participate, to decide who will represent the Labour Party at each general election.

“It would allow members to have a meaningful choice of who represents the party.”

But the talk is not backed by the Watford Labour Party.

Watford Labour chairman Mike Jackson said: “Momentum are an independent organisation and are not affiliated to the Labour Party. The meeting on October 24 is not supported by Watford Labour Party, although we acknowledge that some members are involved.

“We are not clear why Chris Williamson MP has chosen Watford for his ‘Democracy Roadshow’ as we have only recently selected our Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski to fight the next general election.

“He was selected by a large majority in an all-members’ ballot. He is leading an energised campaign against the incumbent Tory MP, Richard Harrington and bring about a Labour government.

“We believe it is more important to put all our efforts into a united campaign to elect a Labour MP for Watford than to be discussing how to deselect one. We would welcome Chris Williamson to one of our campaign days knocking on voters doors.”

Mr Ostrowski declined to comment.

Mr Williamson said: “There has clearly been a misunderstanding.

"I have been invited to Watford by local party members to discuss the expansion of democracy within the Labour Party and across society. Far too much power resides in unaccountable, global corporations and there is a need to extend democracy into the workplace and wider economy.”

Watford Momentum communications officer Shaila Bux said: "Mr Williamson 's visit to Watford on October 24 is to allow us to hear his views on democracy and the political process.

"It is somewhat simplistic and over sensitive for Mr Jackson to see this as a slight against any individual. To be clear, we totally support Mr Ostrowski as Labour candidate and regret the tone Mr Jackson has taken."

Chris Ostrowksi was reselected in January with 218 votes, ahead of Momentum and Unite union-backed candidate Mike Hedges, who secured 82 votes.

The selection process, originally scheduled to take place in December, had to be extended after a formal complaint was made over “postal vote irregularities” by Unite the union.

Labour’s governing body the National Executive Committee (NEC) had already overruled Watford Labour’s decision not to shortlist Mike Hedges.