Slapdash council workers temporarily fixed a broken pavement – by creating another trip hazard.

Georgina Carpenter shared these bizarre photos of asphalt which had been poured into uneven road surface.

Neighbours have now ridiculed Hertfordshire County Council’s haphazard job, which was carried out in Barton Way, Borehamwood last weekend.

Bricks can be seen protruding from the side of the temporary repair, which did nothing to minimise the risk to people walking on the street.

Ms Carpenter said the pavement had been broken for eight weeks, and she was so unimpressed that she emailed the authority to complain.

After sharing the latest fix by the council on social media with the tongue-in-cheek caption: “phew they finally fixed the hole”, unsurprisingly it led to an influx of comments; some completely perplexed by the work and others who couldn’t fail to see the funny side.

One person wrote: “You can’t even see there was a problem there, what a great job” while another said “Such skill. They sent a real craftsmen to do that.”

A third person added: “Oh my word seriously. My four-year-old could have done better”.

Although some suggested the hole was now a bigger trip hazard than it was before.

Watford Observer:

It even prompted Cllr Michelle Vince to ask if this was “real”.

When Hertfordshire County Council were notified on Twitter, they said that this was just a “temporary measure” until they return on October 29.