Parking permits could be introduced in a neighbourhood to help solve a "chaotic" parking situation.

Watford Borough Council is asking people living in Oxhey for their thoughts on a new permit system which is hoped will deter commuters from leaving their cars in the area before heading onto trains.

Nearby Bushey station means neighbours living in Oxhey ward are unable to find a space near their homes.

Although a consultation in 2013 proved unpopular, it appears a permit system would now be welcomed.

One homeowner, who has lived in the area since 2012, said: “The situation has got steadily worse. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve circled the area many times, parked three roads away or waited patiently for a train to pull into Bushey so that commuters move their cars so I can park in my road.

“There’s barely any parking in the area, and Bushey station is heavily relied on by locals and people out of the area to get into London.

“There needs to be a multi storey car park nearby otherwise once all the planned housing in the area is built, the village will just be a car park.”

Andy Killpack, owner of Villiers Coffee House, in Villiers Road, has backed the consultation too.

He said: “As a business owner and someone who lives here, it makes a lot of sense to introduce parking permits. I’m surprised it didn’t happen last time. Parking is atrocious in Oxhey Village. People don’t come to the café because they know they can’t park."

A Vale Road resident added: “Parking anywhere within a 0.5 mile of Bushey station is chaotic on weekdays - every inch of non-restricted road gets choked and some private driveways even get partially blocked by desperate commuters.”

Cllr Ian Sharpe says residents have been putting himself and colleagues under “incessant pressure” to solve the parking problem but stresses the consultation is just to gauge opinion.

He added that parking was a problem in the evenings too when commuters have driven off.

One of the reasons for a backlash to the consultation in 2013 was that neighbours felt parking bays and signage would take away the “village feel” of the area, so instead, now, cars would have to display a permit.

People living in Oxhey ward have been sent letters with detailed plans and a questionnaire to respond too. They have until November 21 to respond and then the council will consider the feedback they have received.