A member of the European Parliament said an embattled ambulance service needs a permanent person in charge to “sort out the problems” and keep patients safe.

Labour MEP for East of England Alex Mayer welcomed the news the East of England Ambulance Service Trust had lined up a new interim chief executive to replace Robert Morton – but cautioned against ever-changing leadership if the trust is to support staff properly.

Dorothy Hosein could replace Mr Morton who resigned in September, as interim chief executive.

Ms Mayer said: “I’m pleased that a name is already in the frame and it is someone who knows the East of England and NHS. However, I very much hope that we don’t end up with a series of interim bosses. The embattled service needs a permanent chief executive officer to sort out the problems there and properly support hardworking ambulance staff to carry out their life saving work.

“The East of England Ambulance Service has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons with whistleblower allegations of patient harm, the worst response times in England and daft ideas like using volunteers to drive ambulances.

“This is a tough job because at heart the Ambulance Trust’s problems are made in Downing Street. When the NHS and social care is so underfunded, we end up with queues at A&E and an increased workload for ambulances. The service doesn’t just need a new chief executive officer it needs a new government.”

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