A delegation of German politicians visited Watford at the weekend to discuss the potential harms of a no-deal Brexit with representatives from their sister party.

Alex Mayer Labour MEP for East of England and parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski met with MPs from Watford’s twin town of Mainz to examine the impact Britain’s exit from the EU could have on major industries.

Johannes Klomann and Nina Klinkel from the Social Democratic Party of Germany met the Labour delegates on Saturday to review the prospect of a no-deal Brexit on pharmaceuticals.

Ms Mayer said: “Watford people don’t want a nightmare scenario of import levies, tariffs and quarantines on medicines. That could mean price hikes and shortages. But outside of the single market, without free movement of goods and with a no-deal Brexit that’s what could happen.”

“In such turbulent times wouldn’t it be good to have a government focussed on our vital interests that has a clear idea of what is possible and what it wants to achieve. But instead we have Theresa May.

“I welcome this visit from Johannes Klomann and Nina Klinkel as over the next few months and years we will need to continue to forge excellent relationships with our closest European neighbours and partners.”