I wonder if the time has come to ban large fireworks in suburban gardens? I am not against celebrating Guy Fawkes night. After all, he was discovered by Sir Thomas Knyvett who is in my well researched family tree!

50 years ago my wife and two daughters never missed the occasion but we always visited a well organised public display, usually at their school. The night was always freezing cold and generally foggy and the enjoyment was helped by a mug of steaming soup held in much gloved hands while stamping feet and unwinding a well wrapped scarf! Yes – the climate is changing! Our home celebration was by small hand held devices and Catherine wheels etc.

This morning (November 11) I discovered 4 spent rockets on my small patio and another 6 were recovered from other parts of my not overlarge garden. There is also at least one other trapped in a tree. It is well possible that one or more might have landed on my roof and be residing in a gutter waiting to cause a blockage. .

Currently the explosives are contained in heavy plastic tubes which, after burning out, fall with considerable velocity. Should any of these rockets land in the upturned eye of a young, excited, child serious damage might well be occasioned. Last year I recovered more than 100 small black plastic cylinders resulting from star burst rockets.

I am certainly not against having fun but coming towards the end of my ninth decade have a cautious (perhaps overcautious) outlook on life!

Alan E. Quaife

By email