Protestors staged a demonstration outside a talk by conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Members of Watford Labour Party, Momentum and the Jewish Labour Movement gathered outside the Colosseum theatre on Friday night to stage a protest against Mr Icke’s appearance, part of his Everything You Need to Know tour.

Chris Ostrowski, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Watford slammed the Colosseum – owned by Watford Borough Council – for hosting Mr Icke.

He described the writer and speaker’s views as “anti-Semitic and offensive” – although Mr Icke has always denied anti-Semitism.

Although he cites the anti-Semitic text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he insists he is not talking about the Jewish people but about a reptilian plot of Illuminati lizards.

On Facebook, Mr Icke claimed the event would answer questions about “What’s really going on in the world?” and “Who’s behind the world’s agenda?”.

Mr Icke took to Twitter after the event praising a “big audience” with the “self-respect” to listen to his views before calling Momentum “pathetic and mendacious” and accusing the Jewish Labour Movement of engaging in “propaganda”.

He also said Watford Labour’s protest was the “pathetic face of ‘anti-fascism’”, adding: “This is an alternative government? God help us.”

On the night of the protest Momentum tweeted “Icke’s crypto-racism has no place in Britain”.

Speaking to the Watford Observer, Mr Ostrowski said Mr Icke’s views do not “represent Watford” and that his party is against racism.

Mr Ostrowski said: "I am disappointed that the Watford Colosseum accepted a booking from Mr Icke. David Icke's show does not represent Watford - his views are anti-Semitic and offensive.

“The Labour Party will always stand up against racism. I am shocked that neither our town’s current Tory MP nor our newly elected Lib Dem Mayor have done anything to condemn Icke’s show in Watford."

Responding to allegations Mr Icke’s views are “anti-Semitic” his son Jaymie said: “That allegation has been made on many occasions and there is not one shred of evidence that it is true.”

He added: “A lot of members of Momentum have come out against the protest and said they are going to leave the movement.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “David Icke’s views are both abhorrent and absurd. I do not agree with them.

“This event was a private booking as part of a wider national tour which has not been organised or promoted by the Watford Colosseum.

“As an elected politician and as a liberal, I do not decide, nor would it be right for me to decide who speaks at Watford venues.

“If a speaker is committing a hate crime or inciting racial hatred, it would be a matter for the police to investigate and make a decision whether or not to prosecute. I am really proud that Watford is a diverse community, with people of all races and religions who contribute to the success of our town.”