In recent weeks I have been in conversation and correspondence with our MP Richard Harrington concerning the Brexit deal which is now proposed.

I have been asking Richard to vote against the deal in Parliament in the best interests of Watford and of the UK, and to support a People’s Vote instead.

I have learnt from Richard that he supports the deal despite:

l believing that the deal will make the UK worse off than remaining in the EU

l believing that most probably the majority of voters in Watford and in the UK now support remaining and want a People’s Vote on the final deal

l agreeing that in a democracy everyone has the right to change their mind

As an elected representative of the people, to vote in favour of something when you believe it is detrimental and the majority are against it doesn’t make sense to me.

The Brexit proposition now is totally different from what was put forward by the leave campaign 2 1/2 years ago so it is not surprising people are changing their minds. Many polls conducted since the referendum have shown that the majority of the public favour remaining in the EU and a recent LSE study put Watford as one of the worst affected places in the country by the fallout from Brexit.

I would urge other readers who agree with me and think that we should have a People’s Vote on the final deal, including the option to remain, to please write to Richard Harrington at and make their views known to him.

Peter Kloss

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Park Ward