The public helped police seize a car being driven in an “anti-social” manner just three months after a similar warning.

The car was taken off the road after it was again seen being driven “carelessly” in Abbots Langley on Wednesday night.

The driver had already been issued with a section 59 warning for anti-social driving back in August, enabling police to seize and possibly crush the vehicle if the driver displayed the same behaviour within 12 months.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Chris Simmons said: “Tackling anti-social use of vehicles is one of our current policing priorities in Abbots Langley.

“We have received numerous calls from residents about the issue and have been taking action against anyone caught using vehicles in this manner.

“Driving in this way could lead to serious, even fatal consequences. It also causes misery for local residents and will not be tolerated.”

He added: “This vehicle was seized thanks to information from members of public. If you see anyone riding or driving in this way, please contact police. Try to get a good description of the driver and make a note of any registration numbers.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the non-emergency number 101 or report it online at