A 75-year-old ex-firefighter has been left repairing his Christmas light display after two teenage yobs broke one of his reindeer.

David Press displays around 5,000 lights at his home in Battlers Green Drive, Radlett, every year to raise money for leukaemia charity, Bloodwise.

Last Saturday at around 11.30pm two girls ran to his house and stole a reindeer that was part of his display – while running across the road they dropped it and broke it.

Left angry and confused why they would do such a thing Mr Press said:

“I haven’t got a clue why they did that.

“It reminds me of when I was a firefighter and people would ring in and give us fake calls.

“These people don’t seem to care about anyone.

“This is really upsetting.”

A fireman by trade, since he retired in 1999 Dave has been making spectacular displays at this home and each year racks up £800 worth of electricity bills in December.

Mr Press tried to confront the vandals but found several teenagers on the green near his house – he was kept back by his wife who feared he could get hurt.

The reindeer was found by neighbour Justin Morley in the street and brought back to Mr Press who spent the next four hours trying to mend it.

The deer’s head and leg had been pulled off and half of the reindeer’s lights where shattered.

This year may be the last display by the former fireman who says his health may stop him from being up a ladder and putting up any more lights.

However, Mr Press is thankful for his neighbours who have been helping him turn eight days of work into only two.

“I got a lot of support from my neighbours who came around and helped me.

“Luckily they were able to find the reindeer.

“This has become almost a tradition and hopefully we could do more in the future if I can get help.”

Last year 200 people came by to see his lights - this year he hopes to outdo himself.

Mr Press's Christmas display is having a switch on event tomorrow at 6pm.