A building used as a hostel for people with special needs is under threat of being demolished.

Property developers, Origin Housing, put forward a proposal to demolish the hostel in Cheshire Drive, Leavesden, they wish to replace the building with a block of flats, but this was refused by Three Rivers District Council back in April.

Origin Housing have now launched an appeal to the decision to the Secretary of State of Environment, in a bid to get rid of the hostel.

The building itself has not been used for its purpose as a hostel for some time as there was a lack of demand for its services.

This has brought it under the attention of Origin Housing as a prime target for development.

A spokesperson for Origin said: “Origin Housing are planning to redevelop 53 – 55 Cheshire drive in order to create eight 1 and 2 bed homes as part of our ongoing commitment to provide much needed affordable housing in London and Hertfordshire.

“We are currently progressing through the planning process.

“The building at Cheshire Drive has not been operated as a supported housing scheme for several years and is currently occupied by property guardians.

“The previous service provider closed the scheme as there was a lack of demand for shared supported housing.”

Three Rivers District Council rejected the initial planning application over parking and as the development failed to provide affordable housing.

Councillor Sarah Nelmes, chairman of the planning committee said: “The Local Planning Authority has been positive and proactive in considering this planning application in line with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and in accordance with the Town and Country Order.

“Three Rivers continues to encourage applicants to have pre-application discussions.

“This applicant did not have formal pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority and the proposed development failed to comply with the requirements of the Development Plan and did not maintain or improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the District.”