A park has won yet another award.

Watford's Cassiobury Park has won the Landscape Institute Award which was given to managers of the park and Watford Council on November 22.

The regeneration of Cassiobury Park included the restoration of its 104-year-old bandstand, refurbished paddling pools and construction of a new hub building.

The Edwardian Cha Café and nearby playground also underwent a £350,000 restoration under the scheme, while the Rickmansworth Road entrance to the park was extensively renovated.

Although Cassiobury Park has received nationwide recognition this year, in June 2014, it was recognised that many of the facilities in the park needed improving.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “I’m proud of the work we did to transform Cassiobury Park has been so widely recognised and I’m delighted that we can add the prestigious Landscape Institute Awards to the many accolades it has received.

“The restoration project has restored the park to its former historic glory, and the work has made a real difference in improving the landscape and the facilities for the over one million visitors it welcomes every year.

“The fantastic park hub building and paddling pools got a record-breaking number of visitors this year.”