The “woke” parents of a Labour candidate will hold a demonstration against a march led by Tommy Robinson in London on Sunday.

Activists Linda and Patrick Meehan, founders of Watford Against Racism, have organised a gathering in St Mary’s Square this weekend because far-right rhetoric has become “a little bit too much to swallow”.

On Sunday, the parents of Labour council candidate Ani Meehan will be joined by Momentum supporters to distribute leaflets to the public in counter demonstration to Mr Robinson’s “Brexit Betrayal” march.

Ms Meehan senior, an online recruiter from Watford, said her decision to form the “movement” was partly influenced by Mr Robinson’s recommendation as a UKIP advisor which she said, “legitimises his views”.

Linda Meehan

Watford Observer:

Speaking to the Watford Observer, she said: “My husband and I decided we needed something in our locality to guard against the far right and because there is going to be this march in London on Sunday.

“We wanted to have something here because there needs to be prominent awareness about this and there is not a massive amount appearing in local news.

“The Brexit agenda is being used to divide people by the far right. The rhetoric has become a little bit too much for me to swallow.

“We are a diverse community in Watford, that’s something I am keen to protect and any form of discrimination I am keen to reject.

“Our counter demonstration is an opportunity for people to get together and think about what they’re reading and watching and the impact on their grandchildren.”

She went on to say, people from “any religious or political background are welcome”.

Adding: “This town is made of lots of different people with different opinions, which is healthy.

“But racism is not, and I am worried about the effect on subsequent generations. I feel compelled to say something.

“I am a massive proponent of free speech and people must be allowed to say what they want. But the line must be drawn when it crosses to hate speech.

“I want people to know it’s damaging. Let’s end racism of all forms.”

Watford Against Racism will meet in St Mary’s Square opposite Marks & Spencer's food hall from 12pm - 2pm.

Ani Meehan's Watford Against Racism Facebook post