A Watford school is the finalist in Virgin TV’s national Christmas play competition.

Watford’s St Meryl school has been shortlisted as a finalist in Virgin TV’s Christmas Stars competition.

The winning school will have their festive play filmed and shared with millions of Virgin TV customers this Christmas

TV presenter, Stephen Mulhern, will join the winner’s cast playing the role of the production’s narrator for a very special performance

St Meryl School entered their original play into the competition and it has been shortlisted as a finalist.

This means the play could be professionally filmed and made available to four million Virgin TV customers in the days leading up to Christmas.

The winning school will receive £5,000, while a runner up will be awarded £1,000.

A total of 22 schools will also be awarded £100 for reaching the final stage of the competition.

St Meryl said in its answer to why it should be rewarded first place said: “We never use a commercially produced Christmas play. Instead, every year we write our own.

“Although this takes time it means that we produce something truly unique, creating opportunities for all of our wonderful pupils to shine.

“We are so proud of our school and our children.

“For us the Christmas production is more than a show; it is a representation of us as a family.

“We always go the extra mile for the children and the Christmas show is no different.

“Everyone works so hard and we feel our children deserve the opportunity to share with the world how amazing they are.”