Two "lovely" village volunteers have been nominated for the Watford Observer Community Heroes Award.

Frank Rouse and Chris Driscoll were recommended for the award by Watford Lions Club member, John Wyatt.

Frank and Chris are also Lions members, and both belong to the Royal British Legion.

Each year, the pair from Abbots Langley collect for the Poppy Appeal, and Frank is the Lions Club president for 2018.

Chris, now 91 years old, was the clerk to Abbots Langley Parish Council for the last part of her working life.

Mr Wyatt said she “lived and breathed” for the benefit of the village and still takes an active part in other community groups and activities.

Whereas Frank was formerly the works manager for the parish council taking care of all the buildings and open spaces in the village.

He also built the council chamber which is still used for council meetings.

Earlier this year, Frank made a memorial poppy monument which the parish council members had installed in the Millennium Gardens on Abbots Langley High Street.

Mr Wyatt said Chris and Frank secured the funding for the poppy, found the site and Frank fixed it in place.

He said of the pair: “Chris and Frank are both lovely people. They are not doing what they do for recognition.

“In fact, Chris will give me a good hiding when she finds out I've nominated them for the Watford Observer Community Heroes Award.”

Watford Lions Club secretary, Prakash Panchal, added: "True charity comes from the heart and Frank and Chris are at the heart of the Abbots Langley community."

A Lions Club is part of the largest community service organisation in the world, Lions Club International, with over 1.4 million members that serve in around 46,000 clubs from over 200 countries.

Watford Lions were founded in 1970 and have since raised over £1/2 million for the local and international community.