As we move into the New Year, those of us who are elderly will be concerned that life is getting more complicated for us. Those of you who know me will be aware that I do not accept that events that upset our day to day living should be allowed.

My main concern today is the running of our local bus services, The Arriva No.8 and the Red Rose, W19.

Some three years ago a meeting was held here in South Oxhey, attended by Herts County Council, Three Rivers Council, and Arriva Buses. There were up to 100 residents in attendance.

After I made a presentation and long discussions with residents it was stated by Arriva that bigger and better buses would be used for South Oxhey. That happened. What did not happen was the regularity of the service. We were now down to 30 minutes service with no buses after 7pm.

In extremes of weather conditions a late or non-running bus causes considerable discomfort for us. I would like to invite those authorities who are responsible for our bus service to come to South Oxhey and listen to our concerns

Once again, I must remind the authorities that some 99 per cent of passengers are elderly or mothers with pushchairs. Come and stand at a non-covered bus stop and hope the 30 minutes bus turns up. If it doesn’t, then wait on!

Once again I must remind authorities that some 99 per cent of passengers are elderly, parents with pushchairs or handicapped.

Seating arrangements have recently changed. There used to be space for disabled person and for two pushchairs. My bus on Monday had these areas fitted with fold up seats. Several passengers will normally find the nearest seat and include a luggage trolley. If a disabled person boards the bus or a parent with a pushchair these seats have to be vacated causing considerable inconvenience to those passengers occupying those seats and a lot of time lost for the bus timetable.

Four-wheel shopping trolleys are now becoming more popular and this can cause problems with blocked gangways. A safety hazard.

Two words recently getting the headlines are civility and respect. The general feeling amongst elderly folk is that we do not matter. It is very difficult these days to get any answers to our problems. Gone are the days when there was respect and discipline. Neighbours would always be willing to help and shop staff or those at the end of a telephone would do their utmost to help solve your problem.

Regarding our alternative bus service, the Red Rose W19, this now runs hourly. On Monday the 12.40pm bus was 20 minutes late with some 20 passengers waiting. This service covers some areas not covered by the No.8.

There is a general feeling these days people or businesses are too concerned with their own problems to spend enough time to help solve our problems.

Roy Telfer

Puttenham Close, South Oxhey