It doesn’t take a town planner to realise that, with the inexorable building development (mainly blocks of flats) in and around the town centre, total gridlock is a real prospect. And it won’t be confined to match days.

Two hundred parking spaces for the new development complex in spitting distance of Watford Junction isn’t insufficient - it is two hundred too many!

Take the flat: take the bus or train.

With exploding traffic growth will inevitably come soaring levels of air pollution.

Air pollution is already reaching unsafe limits as measured by the array of automatic air quality monitoring sites run by the council. And these levels can only be expected to worsen.

Where is the bicycle hire? Where is the park and ride scheme?

With the massive increases in council tax revenues filling county hall coffers, surely a modicum can be given back to fund these measures to keep things moving and avert the town grinding to a halt.

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford