A NURSE will be raising money for the air ambulance by hiking the Great Wall of China.

Donna Raine, a nurse from Rickmansworth, has been raising money for the Essex and Herts air ambulance since 2017.

Starting with a trek up Mont Blanc, a 70km hike through Tanzania in East Africa and a parachute jump at 12,000ft - Donna has so far raised thousands of pounds.

She now needs to raise £3,000 to travel to China and begin her next trek. She will be doing five stretches along the wall and help rebuild parts of the ancient fortification.

Donna said: “I have jumped out of a plane before.

“You know that you are safe because you're strapped to someone else so if you’re going to die so are they - so they have an incentive to keep you alive - I’ve even trekked with the Masai Warriors, so China is going to be tame compared.

“Fundraising can be quite stressful, and it impacts your life somewhat.

“But I’m doing it because I always thought the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance is not given enough attention maybe because it’s not commercialised.

"It costs so much to keep them going that you know you are helping by raising money for them.”

Asking for sponsors Donna needs companies and businesses to help her raise money for the air ambulance.

To sponsor Donna, visit: www.ehaat.org/fundraise/trek-2019-walk-the-great-wall/