A lurcher cruelly thrown from a van on a busy road has finally found his forever home.

Popcorn was rescued by the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Watford after he and another dog were hurled into the path of oncoming traffic.

Both animals were found malnourished, filthy and covered in sores.

After some months of focused care and training, Popcorn was rehomed with new owner Caren Graffham of Northchurch, the same week she lost a 16-year-old family dog.

His new master renamed him Sydney and said he is settling in “very well”, despite his ordeal.

Sydney leaving NAWT

Caren said: “Unfortunately we lost our dog the same week we first saw him.

“I went past his kennel and there was just something about him that kept me going back, he was so gentle and kind.

“We had a one-to-one with him the same day in a paddock and I thought he was going to run around, but he snuggled right up to me for a cuddle.

“By then he had won my heart and I knew I had to take him home.”

Jackie de Friez, centre manager at the shelter, added: “We’re so pleased Sydney managed to find a home within just a few months.

“It just shows how amazing dogs are, even though he didn’t have a great start in life, he is still loving and loyal.”

To re-home a dog like Popcorn or to find out more about the NAWT, please visit www.nawt.org.uk