Watford's MP has called for a hard Brexit to be ruled out while Labour have called for a general election after Theresa May's deal suffered a massive defeat.

MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject Prime Minister Theresa May's deal - a majority of 230 and the biggest defeat suffered by any government.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately tabled a no-confidence motion in the Government, while the Prime Minister offered to hold cross-party talks to find a way forward.

Watford's Conservative MP Richard Harrington, minister for business and industry, backed the deal and last week said he would resign if the Government pursued a 'no deal' Brexit.

He said: "I’m obviously disappointed that the deal was rejected tonight but I’m pleased that that the Prime Minister will be having talks with senior parliamentarians tomorrow to work out what is needed to get the backing of the majority of the house.

"It is reassuring that she is listening to MPs, and the priority must now be ensuring that a hard Brexit is ruled out.

"We must work towards reaching a consensus on the alternatives. I will support the Government in the confidence vote and continue voting to deliver a Brexit that protects jobs and the economy."

After the vote was announced in the House of Commons this evening, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Watford Chris Ostrowski said: “The Prime Minister has failed. The Conservatives have failed. Brexit has become a failure.

“I have always respected the result of the 2016 referendum and like almost all Labour Party members, I was open to supporting a withdrawal agreement that protected jobs, living standards and workers' rights.

“I said at the last election that I would never support a deal that makes Watford worse off, so I am delighted that the withdrawal agreement has been rejected by MPs from all parties; it was clearly a bad deal for Britain and I am very disappointed that Watford's Tory MP voted for such a measure.

“After such a serious defeat there is no option but for the Government to resign and for MPs to support Labour's motion of no confidence. Parliament needs a new mandate from the people in the form of an immediate General Election.”

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Ian Stotesbury said: "It's a defining moment that the Brexit deal, negotiated by Government, was so resoundingly rejected by MPs. It's not good enough for Britain and doesn't deliver.

"The question is - what next? If, and likely when, the vote of no confidence fails to force a change in Government we'll be back to an impasse.

"Then, I hope, the Conservatives and Labour party will support asking the people of Watford and the UK to give direction. Continue seeking a deal, or remain in the EU."

Watford's Labour MEP Alex Mayer said: “"This is a defeat of epic proportions. The deal is dead. The clock has run down. Now we face a stark choice - no deal or no Brexit. It is time for the Government to urgently revoke Article 50 and call a People’s Vote.”

On the question of a no confidence vote she added: “I certainly don’t have any confidence in this Government, so I say, bring it on. I welcome any opportunity to sweep aside this failed Tory government.”