The mayor is backing Government plans to improve air quality in the UK.

In the new Air Quality Strategy, published yesterday, the Government has pledged to ban the sale of the most polluting wood burning stoves by 2022 and are consulting on phasing out the sale of traditional house coal.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “Most people know we need to do much more to improve our air quality.

"There are some good things in these plans but I wish the Government was braver.

"This announcement is a step in the right direction but councils need more funding and powers to make a real difference.

“In Watford, we’ve already been getting to work making the town a more sustainable.

"Across the town we’ve improved home insulation, introduced charging points for electric vehicles and we’re working to phase out single-use plastics.

"This year we will be introducing new green public transport, including a cycle hire scheme and new bus services.”

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Watford Cllr Ian Stotesbury said: "As a scientist, I know all too well the impact that increasing air pollution can have on our planet.

"Although I think it’s important the government have recognised this, it needs to go much further in tackling climate change.

"It needs to bring forward the ban on petrol and diesel cars to do more to reduce harmful emissions.

"We can all do more to make the world a more sustainable place to live in."