When it comes to acting challenges, taking on the role of a figure with split personalities probably comes close to the top of the list.

Local performer Mark Waghorn is taking this to another level by playing not only the mild-mannered Dr Jekyll, but also the evil Mr Hyde - plus a host of other characters.

Mark, who lives in West Watford and is a former West End actor, adapted Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella for the stage and is the only player in the hour-long show, which commanded rave reviews a few years ago both at the Maltings Arts Theatre in St Albans and the Camden Fringe Festival.

He’s now reviving the show for one performance only at the Pump House Theatre & Arts Centre in Watford in February as a charity fundraiser.

Mark’s daughter Maya, who is currently on a gap year having finished her A-Levels at Rickmansworth High School last summer, is aiming to raise £1,500 for Voluntary Service Overseas.

Mark’s play is a faithful retelling of Stevenson’s original story and he hopes to thrill his audience through a combination of powerful storytelling and stunning physical theatre.

Mark said: “One of the biggest challenges are the scenes in which I have to mix the chemical formula, drink the resulting potion and transform from the upstanding Doctor into the loathsome and sinister Hyde.”

But, although that aspect of the story is well-known, the show also explores the story’s less familiar themes.

“What really intrigues me about the tale,” said Mark, “is the way the respectable Dr Jekyll becomes seduced by the possibility of an existence free from any moral restraint, while still being conscious of the horror of it. It becomes an addiction for him.

“Also, despite the thrilling nature of the story, I’m also surprised, but at the same time delighted, by the amount of humour we’ve been able to bring into the show.”

Pump House Theatre, 5 Local Board Road, Watford, Sunday, February 10, 7pm. Details: 01923 241362 pumphouse.info