After listening to a talk given in the Wellspring Church Watford, last Thursday, by Baron Adonis of Camden Town my doubts about his judgement on vital issues of state were confirmed.

He started his talk in a relaxed way with an insight into his ambitions as a 10 year old boy: He wanted to be Managing Director of British Rail. After some ribbing of Nigel Farage for wanting his children, by his German wife, to have German passports he went on to set out his four reasons to have another referendum, followed by questions.

After a few more questions I put my reasons for doubting his judgement. I said that I did not want to continue to pay for MEPs and asked if he wanted to continue to pay for them?

As a preamble I had said that in 2004 he had been the architect & promoter of tuition fees which has put young people into debt. He admitted being responsible for fees of £3,000 but said that he was not responsible for the figure reaching £9,000.

The second point that I raised was HS2. I had the audacity to start to point out the cost of it, at £65 billion. I said that it would cost each member of the population £1,000.

He defended the project and said that if he was in charge he would bring the cost down but in 2015 he became a director of ‘HS2 Board Ltd’ and the costs are said to be going up!

In response to my third point; that I do not want to continue to pay for MEPs, he described his way of ensuring that the population were fully informed before voting in The Peoples Vote. He would send a copy of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ (Mrs May’s Deal) to every household in the country!

I don’t want to pay for another referendum which may result in the us all having to pay for MEPs especially as the UK contingent is less than 10 per cent of the seats in the EU parliament.

Mr D Bennett

College Road, Abbots Langley