We could be hit by another band of snowfall this week.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for our region for snow from Tuesday into Wednesday.

Many parts of Hertfordshire and north London saw its first snow of the winter last week, and although in some places it wasn’t much, it was enough to bring many roads to a standstill, or at the least, make it a rather difficult journey home.

The wintery weather last Tuesday struck just before the rush hour commute home but it is likely any snow this week will fall later into the evening.

It will be quite wet on Tuesday but will come down mostly as rain or sleet during the day – although there is a bigger chance for it to be snow in higher places.

There is a high chance any rain, even at lower levels, turns to snow overnight, which means we could wake up with a covering on Wednesday morning – and a risk of schools deciding to close if deemed necessary.

If it is cold enough during the day on Tuesday or early evening, then it may turn to snow sooner than expected.

Around 8 to 10cm of snow could settle on higher ground, such as the Chilterns and in hillier areas of Hertfordshire.

The outlook for the rest of the week is for it to remain cold and unsettled, with a possibility of further snowfall on Thursday night.