Outraged elderly residents given 30 days to vacate their care home said those who took the decision “shouldn’t be in the positions they’re in”.

In an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio this week, one woman from Tannerswood assisted living in Abbots Langley broke down in tears describing the “dreadful” treatment visited on her and seven other ladies by Abbeyfield West Herts Society.

The independent charity wrote to residents on January 16 telling them they had 30 days to evacuate following a recent survey by a fire protection company that found the building was not meeting fire regulations.

Residents say they have not yet seen a copy of the document.

Since the news broke, the Abbots Langley Tannerswood Action Group launched, alongside a petition started by leader of Three Rivers District Council, Councillor Sara Bedford.

Speaking on air, Tannerswood resident Marjorie said: “All we want is to be happy in our old age and we are happy here.

“They make us feel welcome, they look after us and everything goes well - or it has done until these people came in.

“I never thought we’d have anything like this. We thought we were here for the rest of our lives.

“We were just one big happy family caring for each other, loving each other. It’s dreadful. We don’t want to be like this.”

When asked what message she had for David Moore, chairman of trustees for the West Herts charity, Marjorie said: “Have you no heart? Have you no elderly people of your own you would not want this to be done to?

“I don’t think they know what they’re doing - or they don’t care. They are not caring people, they shouldn’t be in the positions they’re in.”

Former trustee, Elizabeth Moore, said on air: “I genuinely thought we were giving it over to people who could be trusted and I am very sorry they’re not.

“I pray they will reverse the decision.”

Cllr Bedford wrote to Mr Moore on Sunday asking for a response. He told her he would reply within 48 hours. That deadline has now passed.

One BBC reporter tried without success to speak to Mr Moore outside his home. In a statement, the trustees said they could not provide a spokesperson at “such short notice”.

The BBC reporter also said one trustee put the phone down on him.

Abbeyfield told Three Counties on Wednesday six residents had “accepted” alternative accommodation, adding: “It is hoped the remaining two will accept this soon.”

A relative of one 97-year-old resident said they were not “offered” alternative accommodation, adding “We’ve had to scurry round or else we’d be out on the street.”

Cllr Bedford said: “I am very unhappy at the charity’s unwillingness to talk and to share vital documents with residents and their families. No justification for the closure has been demonstrated and no costings given for any work that nay need to be carried out.

“Tannerswood is a much-loved community in Abbots Langley. I am calling on the trustees to withdraw the threat of closure to these lovely ladies and to work with residents, their families and the wider Abbots Langley community to keep this home from home not only for current residents but for years to come.”

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