As Britain prepares to leave the EU, a British MEP has spoken on behalf of her country for the last time in in the European Parliament.

Representative Alex Mayer has become the last British MEP to speak in the European Parliament in Brussels as of today.

Although European Parliament activity will continue in Strasbourg over the next few months, today was the last session of the Brussels 'mini-plenary's', where MEPs debate and vote in the Belgium capital.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union upon the  March 29, which makes Ms Mayer the last MEP of this country to speak.

Ms Mayer described how her colleagues noticed she was the last UK MEP on the list of speakers just minutes before she was due to give a speech on tax evasion across the continent.

Ms Mayer said: "I was just preparing to talk on the subject of combatting tax evasion when one of my colleagues near me in the chamber mentioned that I was the last British MEP on the list of speakers and therefore would be the very last to speak in the Brussels chamber.

“I was, therefore, able to append a few lines recognising this at the end of my speech.

"I really don't want to be the last and obviously if the Government extends Article 50 and delays Brexit, which I have called for, I could lose this dubious honour.”

Speaking in the chamber Ms Mayer said "It's also just been pointed out to me that I may well be the final British MEP to ever speak in the chamber in Brussels, so let me say that I am proud to be part of the greatest peace and prosperity project of modern times and good friends never say 'goodbye' they simply say, 'see you soon'."