Motorists were asked not to drive on a green after a burst water main shut off a junction.

Repairs are being carried out in Croxley Green and Affinity Water has shut the road at the junction of The Green and Parrots Close, meaning there is no access from one end of the road to the other.

Watford Observer:

Instead, drivers must use an alternative route – via Watford Road and Baldwins Lane is what is suggested.

Yesterday however, drivers had other ideas. They took it upon themselves to drive onto the grass, past the closure, before joining the road again on the other side.

It left tyre markings on the grass, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Croxley Green Parish Council.

Watford Observer:

These tyre marks were left on the green

The council pleaded for people to find a route which did not involve ‘driving over the green’.

To stop it from continuing, police tape was put up blocking access onto the grass.

The parish council probably wishes the snow that fell overnight came a little bit sooner.

Watford Observer:

Last night

Affinity Water has dug a very large hole in the road and the company says the work definitely won't be completed by the end of this weekend. It has apologised for any inconvenience.

Better news though is the temporary traffic lights on the A404 in Chorleywood have been removed and the repair work has been completed.