A group of elderly women given 30 days to vacate their care home have seen the decision temporarily withdrawn until a full building assessment can take place.

The Abbeyfield Society announced the reprieve on Friday after residents at Tannerswood assisted living in Abbots Langley were told on January 16 they had just 30 days to find somewhere else to live after the building failed a fire regulation survey.

No residents nor their families were shown a copy of the document proving that.

Since Abbeyfield West Herts Society, the independent charity who run the home, announced the closure, residents have expressed the “dreadful” treatment they have endured with one elderly woman reduced to tears on BBC Three Counties Radio last week.

When asked what message she had for David Moore, chairman of trustees for the West Herts charity, Marjorie said: “Have you no heart? Have you no elderly people of your own that you would not want this to be done to?

“I don’t think they know what they’re doing - or they don’t care. They are not caring people, they shouldn’t be in the positions they’re in.”

Former Abbeyfield West Herts Society trustee, Elizabeth Moore, added: “I genuinely thought we were giving it over to people who could be trusted and I am very sorry they’re not.

“I pray they will be able to reverse the decision.”

On Friday, a press statement was issued by The Abbeyfield Society, stating it had “taken over” operational management of Tannerswood on an interim basis, adding: “Our first decision has been to withdraw the notice of closure.

“We have commissioned a new survey by building contractors who will assess the building’s fire safety and renovation needs.

“A decision on the future of Tannerswood will be made once the detail of this new survey is known and will follow a detailed and full consultation period with the residents.”

The housing charity added: “TAS is committed to fully exploring all options for keeping Tannerswood open. However, we must also be clear that – pending the building assessment and consultation – a closure may take place in the future if no other viable alternative can be found.”

The charity went on to say if works necessary meant residents could not remain at Tannerswood, they will be “fully informed” as to the reasons why 90 days before a move takes place. It added the women would be given the option of moving to their Kings Langley site.

Abbots Langley councillor, Sara Bedford said: “Whilst it’s fantastic that the threat of immediate closure has been lifted from this home, we have only won the first battle and not the war.

“Abbeyfield UK can be sure that the community of Abbots Langley will continue to fight to keep Tannerswood open and serving residents of the village for many years to come.”

Watford MP Richard Harrington said: “I had a very positive meeting with David McCullough, the chief executive of The Abbeyfield Society to discuss my concerns regarding the potential closure of Tannerswood in Abbots Langley.

"I am delighted that the notice of closure has now been withdrawn, following my letters to management on January 24 and 28."

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