The story of a mother-of-three who was murdered by her partner before she was dumped in woodland will be relived in a documentary tomorrow night (Tuesday).

Natalie Hemming’s naked and decomposed body was found three weeks after she was savagely beaten to the head by Paul Hemming at their home in Milton Keynes in May 2016.

Hemming then wrapped Miss Hemming’s body before driving 30 miles away and dumping her in Chandlers Cross, where she was found three weeks later by a member of the public.

Now in BBC2 programme Behind Closed Doors, daughter Kirstie, 14, opens up about the abuse her family suffered.

Four brave children tell separate stories and have gone on camera to talk about what they witnessed and experienced and how it has since affected them.

The film, which has been put together over two years, will explore the affects domestic abuse can have a child, at a time where one in five children in the UK witnessed or experienced domestic abuse.

The film includes Kirstie's story. She was just 12 and sleeping upstairs when she suddenly woke to find her mother missing.

Watford Observer:

Natalie Hemming, 31, was hit round the head and killed by her partner Paul Hemming. Picture: PA

Her stepfather Hemming told Kirstie and her siblings their mother had gone to stay with a friend – even though her six-year-old brother woke up and saw his mother’s body wrapped up in a blanket just moments after she was killed.

Hemming killed her, in a “fit of jealousy and rage”, Luton Crown Court heard in November 2016.

Hemming pleaded guilty to manslaughter but he was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years.

In a clip ahead of the show, Kirstie says: “I remember feeling scared when it first happened. I was definitely scared.”

Behind Closed Doors airs on BBC2 on Wednesday at 9pm.