An SAS officer has shown kids what take to succeed and be the best.

Former SAS Major Floyd Woodrow enjoyed the full attention of 240 pupils when he visited Ashfield School in Bushey.

The veteran is a leadership coach and spent last Monday working with the children to share his vision of how they can achieve their dreams.

Each child was given a hand-drawn map to plot their own path to success as they took part in his Compass For Life course.

Major Woodrow said: “When one girl showed me her map, I was so impressed by the level of detail.

“The children were ambitious and showed their innate intelligence.

“Once the children have visualised it all on a map, you can point to it and say, great, this is where you want to be, how are you going to get there - What actions are you taking and straight away, you’ll see kids change their attitude.”

The idea behind Compass For Life is that each child creates their own map guided by the four points of the compass.