The council has received funding and a checklist to make sure they are prepared for Brexit.

The Local authority Preparedness Check List and a letter from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government were sent to all local authorities to manage their transition from the EU.

Accompanying the list, councils across the country have been receiving portions of the £56.5 million.

Watford Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council have both received £35,000 each to help ease their transition.

The list states:

• All statutory services for which the council is responsible for have risk assessments following Brexit.

• If there is an impact (direct or indirect) on any border areas

• The impact on supply chains; both those managed directly by the council and those indirect contracts managed through commissioned services.

• Data handling - Councils must make sure they are clear about where their data is held.

• The local authority will want to ensure that all local partners and local partnerships are effectively planning and considering mitigations for EU Exit.

• Timely updates for example in relation to promoting the UK Settled Status Scheme or advice to local businesses.

The Secretary of State, JAMES BROKENSHIRE, said: “The Government remains focused on securing a deal with the EU allowing both national and local government the agreed implementation period, until December 2020, to manage a successful transition.

“However, Government also believes it to be responsible and prudent to prepare for a potential ‘No Deal’ scenario.

“Government is clear about the important role local government will play in ensuring our successful transition, but you are not alone.

“It is essential you are all undertaking the necessary local planning and preparations.

“As elected representatives responsible for the public services upon which all our citizens rely, no matter our political views, I am sure we can agree that maximising the opportunities of Brexit whilst mitigating any potential short-term adverse impacts must be our priority.”

The leader of Three Rivers District Council, Sara Bedford said: “Whatever your views on Brexit, it is clear that crashing out without a deal will be a nightmare for local councils, who provided the majority of services that residents depend on.

“The Minister’s letter underlines the seriousness of the situation.

“As councils have had their funding cut by millions of pounds, it would have been better for this £56 million to be used for vital local services, such as care for the elderly and those with disabilities, rather than being used to cover for the failings of this government.”