Police have released further details of four arrests after a violent incident at a football match.

Hertfordshire Constabulary is investigating a brawl which broke out between a group of men in Vicarage Road shortly after Watford beat Everton 1-0 on Saturday.

The East of England Ambulance service was called at 5.11pm, sending an ambulance and rapid response vehicle to the scene.

Two Watford fans, a father and son, were seen "covered in blood" according to a tweet from BBC reporter Rick Kelsey.

Watford Observer:

Two men were taken to hospital with facial injuries and one man remains in hospital at this time. Police said that although his condition is not life-threatening doctors are monitoring him as a precaution.

The details of the four men arrested are as follows:

• A 32-year-old man from Liverpool was given a caution for affray.

• A 22-year-old man from Liverpool was released with no further action.

• A 32-year-old man from Liverpool was cautioned for affray and possession of cocaine.

• A 23-year-old man from Liverpool has been released on bail until March, in connection with a violent disorder, possession of cocaine and grievous bodily harm.

In a video posted online shortly after the fight, someone can be heard shrieking while another repeatedly shouts "coward".

The brawl is believed to have begun by the away coaches and spilled into Vicarage Road Cemetery.

Away fans still on the coach were not allowed to get off and the area was sealed off by police.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said the man in hospital is due to be discharged shortly.