A pop-up collection of poems appeared on Watford High Street this weekend scrawled on the floor in coloured chalk.

“Pavement Poet” Danny Rowland, from Wiltshire, scribbled a few stanzas outside Watford Market beneath the ring road flyover on Sunday.

The 33-year-old began travelling all over the UK eight years ago putting the ‘word on the street’.

Watford Observer:

“Pavement Poet” Danny Rowland

He said: “The poems have evolved over time, but they started on the page. I began writing on the pavement in my home town with something quite simple, but with traveling and working in different places I kind of evolved it again taking in the architecture and highlighting the movement of people.

“Now I travel around the country writing my poems on the ground using the poetry to emphasis people moving through the public space.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

“The graffiti behind the work I did in Watford depicting the life of man was already in place so I just wanted to bring that out and accentuate it. It effectively becomes an object within the space and then it becomes about position and placement, usually to improve the movement of human traffic. But it depends on where I’m working.

Speaking about the subject of his poetry, the politics and economics graduate said: “Loosely it’s what I think and see and feel. Those poems are just a mixture.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

“Sometimes I work in concepts, but they’re just about different things. It’s good to add a bit of variation for the passer by and it’s good to keep minds jumping and thinking. Poetry can be about anything anyway.”

Mr Rowland said he uses public transport to travel from town to town, adding: “Walking is good for inspiration.”


Watford Observer: