Sometimes it does feel as though any excuse will do - or not - in the decision over whether to grant planning.

So Three Rivers Council turned down flats on the site of a garage on account of there being not enough parking space.

So how on earth was planning granted to the masses of blocks of flats in the town centre with no room for everyone to home their very own ‘Chelsea tractor’?

How on earth was planning granted for a hotel on the site of the old Travis Perkins depot to the rear of Batchworth lock?

In 2019 with the road network at virtual gridlock the majority of the time, isn’t it time we moved on from proffering motor car-friendly development?

Then there’s the solar panels - deemed to be visually discordant with the green paddock. Well at least they are ‘green’.

When did loss of green space ever stop Three Rivers from building?

If that’s the case, how then was planning granted to carve up the paddocks and fields at the foot of Baldwins Lane for the new Croxley Danes school: a huge area the size of several football pitches or even a small airport?

There seems to be no consistency in their planning policy.

It’s just how they feel on the day?

It’s high time green initiatives were put high on the priority list and dinosaur technology - dirty, filthy polluting diesel and petrol engines - were bottom of the list.

Not top.

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford