Pupils at two schools will benefit from a lollipop person in the hope it will improve safety at a “perilous” location.

A patrolled crossing is set to be installed in Horseshoe Lane, opposite Woodside Leisure Centre, in Garston – and it will be manned by a lollipop person who will have the power to stop traffic and allow children to cross safely.

Hertfordshire County Council has agreed to introduce the measures near St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School and Garston Manor School, a special education school.

Last year, Woodside county councillor Tim Williams and campaigner Richard Wenham requested the council’s road safety team looked at the area – and their survey did highlight issues.

Work will take place to slightly alter the pavement, as well as bring in a patrolled crossing. There is hope the crossing will be in place after Easter.

Cllr Williams said: “It is a perilous location to cross and there have been a few accidents here so it’s very good news that the county council are progressing with this much needed patrolled crossing. I know this news will be very welcomed by the children and parents of both of the schools."

Mr Wenham added: ”It is quite dangerous here when all the nearby schools empty out and having a patrolled crossing at this location will certainly make it far safer to cross, and as a local resident, with my children attending St Catherine's, it’s great for this to be happening.”