Before those obsessed with Watford General Hospital congratulate themselves anymore, there are a couple of crucial questions they need to answer.

How do they think it would be possible to develop a brand new hospital on the site of an old hospital whilst that old hospital continues to operate?

It just isn’t physically possible, and while they claim that it is, all they are doing is condemning the hospital to its current state and the town to poorer health facilities.

Meanwhile, how much longer are they going to get away with claiming they couldn’t afford a new hospital out of town, whilst sitting on far more valuable real estate in the centre of three towns, not just one?

Centralising outpatients as well may involve going further than anyone has previously envisaged, but it makes a new hospital far more affordable, and wouldn’t half solve the decant problem.

Until folks stop falling for the false Watford-first argument, and realise that Watford would actually be better off with a brand new hospital next door, we’re going to be stuck with poorer facilities.

Councillor Alan Anderson

Kings Langley, Dacorum Borough Council & Kings Langley Parish Council