In last Friday’s Watford Observer, Richard Harrington MP repeatedly stated that business needs certainty but his support for Mrs May has only helped her create uncertainty; and with more delays come more uncertainty. She is endeavouring to ‘Leave’ the EU whilst immediately putting the UK back under the majority of EU Laws.

The first uncertainty was caused by Mrs May, who delayed implementation of withdrawal from the European Union as long as she could. Does Mr Harrington understand that Mrs May’s ‘deal’ is a withdrawal agreement and in its self does not offer certainty to business. After the Prime Minister signs the withdrawal agreement into law then it must be followed by at least two years of negotiation about a trade deal with the EU. During those two years the UK cannot sign any other trade agreements into law.

It is illogical to prolong the agony for businesses by either supporting the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement, which requires two more years of trade deal negotiations with the EU or by extending Article 50. There is bound to be at least another two years of uncertainty because it is not in the EU’s interest to give the UK a Trade Deal beneficial to UK Businesses.

The quickest way to end uncertainty is to leave the EU on WTO rules. Businesses would then know the terms and conditions on which they will be able to sell goods & services for the next two years whilst at the same time the UK is free to sign Trade Deals with other nations.

David Bennett

College Road, Abbots Langley