Gangs have been filming sickening attacks on teenagers after luring them to parks for savage beatings.

The Watford Observer was sent shocking footage of two attacks in South Oxhey that have taken place in the past two weeks.

In the first, a 13-year-old girl needed hospital treatment after being set upon at the Henbury Way play area at around 4pm on Sunday.

This took place two weeks after a teenage boy was beaten and robbed in a park off Hayling Road on Sunday, February 17.

The Observer has passed footage of both attacks to the police - who say anyone involved in the incidents can expect to be visited by officers.

A source close to the teenage girl said: “Something needs to be done before this happens to anyone else.

"She wouldn’t fight back because she’s such a sweet girl, she’s harmless."

The girl was apparently picked on because she had said "something bad" about one of her attackers.

She was led to the park by somebody she thought was a friend.

After two hours playing together, the Henbury Way victim heard one of the gang say “are we doing it now? Shall we do it now?”.

The girl was then subjected to a 30-minute ordeal in which she was dragged around by the hair and repeatedly punched and kicked in the face.

In camera phone footage, the victim can be seen laid on the floor with two girls standing over her. One has their foot on her throat.

The victim is then repeatedly kicked and dragged by her hair, before saying she has “already apologised”.

A boy filming can be heard laughing and saying “Go, go on,” encouraging more violence.

Watford Observer:

The helpless victim covers her face

Other people in hoods and with face coverings can be seen sitting on swings jeering.

At one point, the attackers take a break before pouring a bottle of fizzy drink over the girl, and kicking her in the face while she is blinded.

The girl was left with a burst blood vessel in her eye, extensive bruising from her elbow to her shoulder, a cut nose and lip.

She also requires supervision in case of concussion owing to repeated blows to her skull. A doctor has been consulted in case of post-traumatic stress.

Footage of the brutal beating, in which the victim appears bloodied and traumatised, was sent anonymously to this newspaper on Tuesday. It was also shared on social media later that same day.

In the attack on the teenage boy, his attackers left him bloodied and distressed before stealing his coat and a ring that was a family heirloom.

This attack is reported to have taken place "because of a girl". He was also lured to the scene.

In the video, a boy in black can be seen kneeling clutching a coat, his hands together as if praying.

He is then seen with blood smeared across his face.

The victim was taken to hospital suffering bruises, bleeding and swelling.

In all footage, neither victim seems willing to fight back or defend themself.

A source close to the 13-year-old girl said: “We are still in shock.

“She is being so brave, but it is very hard because it was such a traumatic experience."

“Something needs to be done before this happens to anyone else."

A source said some of the same people were involved in both attacks.

They also said the gang warned both victims if they told the police they would be stabbed.

“I think that because of the ages of the attackers people feel powerless to intervene.

“No one likes what is happening, the culture of videoing this kind of thing is horrendous.

“It’s not the police or parents’ fault, it seems these kids are just the way they are and are not used to having the boundaries or consequences, so things are getting worse.

“Even speaking to the paper and police I wonder if it is even worthwhile because I wonder what will happen. And we have to live with this for the rest of our lives.”

Cllr Steve Cox, who represents South Oxhey, said: “Having reluctantly viewed the footage of this vicious assault I am horrified. I immediately wrote to the police demanding to know what they are doing about bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

Three Rivers Chief Inspector Nick Lillitou said: “I understand that news of these incidents involving young people will have left both parents and teenagers both concerned and shocked.

“We are in contact with local schools and I would like to make it clear that violence of this nature will not be tolerated. My officers will do all they can to identify those involved and bring them to justice.

“If you were involved in these incidents in any way you can expect to be visited by a police officer.

“Alternatively if you have any information about either assault and have not yet spoken to us, I would encourage you to make contact so arrangements can be made for an officer to speak with you."

Chief Insp Lillitou urged people to pass on any mobile phone video footage to police, and not to share it on social media.

Two 14-year-old girls, both from South Oxhey, were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm in relation to the Henbury Way attack. They have since been released while investigations continue.

A 14-year-old boy is helping police with their enquiries about the Hayling Road attack.

Local Safer Neighbourhood Teams are increasing patrols in local parks to offer reassurance to young people and residents.

Anyone with information about Sunday's attack should contact Investigator 7035 Thaker on 101 quoting incident number 41/20453/19.

Anyone with information about the February attack in Hayling Road should call PC 1022 Perrin on 101 quoting incident number 41/15847.

People can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their untraceable form at