Here we are just three weeks from Brexit. This, two years after the country voted to leave the European Union without a fig of an idea of the implications their vote would have on the country as a whole, even less what it would mean to their own lives.

The referendum, granted by ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron essentially asked the country to make a choice blindfold.

In no time a raft of talking heads like Nigel Farage hijacked the show pumping their own agenda based on specifics.

Of course the small print of the World Trade Organisation was nowhere to be seen and the real Leave motive - a means to boost US trade via the backdoor and promote their battery farming and genetically modified produce. In fact, a Leave vote would leave us essentially the 51st US state.

The country may have been granted the referendum but not being privy to all the facts it was never able to make an informed decision.

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford