The Business Minister has pledged his support for Theresa May’s deal following amendments agreed in the PM’s visit to Strasbourg.

Watford MP Richard Harrington has announced on Twitter that he will be backing the deal ahead of the Brexit Vote today.

Mrs May said she secured "legally binding" changes to her Brexit deal in Strasbourg yesterday (March 11).

She said the first change could be used to start a "formal dispute" against the EU if it tried to keep the UK tied into an open border with Ireland.

The second is a "joint statement" from the EU and the UK.

It adds to the political declaration on the UK and EU's future relationship and commits to replacing the backstop with alternative arrangements by December 2020.

If MPs vote down Mrs May's withdrawal agreement on Tuesday, then MPs have been promised a vote on whether the UK should leave without a deal or not.

This is likely to take place on Wednesday.

If MPs vote for a no-deal then the UK will leave without a deal on March 29.

If they reject a no-deal Brexit, then they could get a vote on Thursday on whether to request a delay to Brexit from the EU.