Schoolchildren were stunned and confused when a giant egg mysteriously landed in their playground.

Students at Ascot Road Community Free School were shocked when they stumbled upon a strange object, with some pupils wondering if it had landed from outer space.

The area was cornered off and a security guard was placed at the scene. An emergency assembly was held to ask the children what they should do with the egg.

Watford Observer:

However, all was not what it seemed.

The object had been placed there by teachers to help spark creativity and imagination for a writing competition.

Principal Cathy Elsley said: “The egg appeared in our school grounds and got everyone talking. It was wonderful to see the children so excited and intrigued.”

The children were encouraged to use their writing abilities.

A reception child wrote: “I think it is chocolate.”

A year two student: “Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you about a precious egg that shot in our playground without warning. Its black poke-dots and a peachy white colour. The egg is as big as a toddler T Rex.”

A year one student wrote: “I went on the gate and saw a giant egg. It’s all white and has sparkles all over it.

“The egg just appeared in the middle of the playground. I think it came from a dragon.”

A year three student: “The students reached school to find an enormous egg sitting in the middle of the play equipment.

“The place was cornered off and a man dressed in black was guarding it. This incident happened at Ascot Road.

“A few people including a teacher from Ascot Road believe an alien teleported it to the Earth. This was believed because of the bumps that cover the egg.”

A year four student wrote: “A beige, black spotted egg on a crimson nest stranded on Ascot Road’s very own adventure Island. Nobody at all knows what it is or where it has come from.

“It was dropped from the sky at the dead of the night. Who knows when it will hatch…”

The winners of the competition received a ticket to Harry Potter studios donated by property developers, Cortland, while the runners up received a stationery prize.

All are pictured.