Watford Borough Council has launched an investigation to catch those who illegally dumped over 100 tyres on a residential road.

The mountain of rubber was found discarded at a property on Chester Road near the junction with Harwoods Road at around 1.30pm on Tuesday (March 5).

Watford Observer:

Phil White, senior environmental crime officer, said: “This fly-tip is significant and unusual for Watford. It is in such a residential area we are hoping someone remembers something.

“The offenders may have used a vehicle, so we are checking all the local CCTV and have worked with the landowners to get clearance.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor added: “Fly-tipping is an offence and we will take immediate action against people who think they can get away with it. Our residents are really concerned when they see dumped rubbish polluting our communities. It harms our environment, attracts vermin and can be a health hazard. It costs the council many thousands of pounds a year to clear up, meaning residents are paying to dispose of other people’s unwanted rubbish.

“Every Watford resident has a duty of care to dispose of their waste properly – or if they give it to someone else for disposal, to ensure they are a registered carrier of waste. The dedicated environmental crime team investigate all reported offences and have successfully prosecuted many perpetrators. These cases have resulted in fines and even imprisonment.”

Watford Observer:

Anyone with information should call 01923 278503 or email envhealth@watford.gov.uk

To find out how to dispose of waste, visit www.watford.gov.uk/flytipping and for more bulky waste consult the council’s environmental services partner, Veolia, at enquiries.watford@veolia.co.uk