A woman who rushes people in need to hospital and comforts the elderly is in the running for a Community Hero award.

Stacey Brooks Bignell, 50, who has lived in South Oxhey all her life, has been nominated for the award due to her kind and selfless service to the community.

Miss Bignell is a qualified carer and has worked for SKL, a home care business in Bushey, for six years and for five years has been caring for a young autistic girl.

However, Stacey has been seen performing continuous acts of good will for her community. These have included taking people to and from hospital, including women who have just given birth.

Miss Bignell has also devoted her time to a 96-year-old woman, helping her with shopping and providing her with company.

Stacey also helped to arrange the funeral of the elderly woman's husband and near the end of her life she offered her comfort and support by sitting with her in hospital.

She said: “I do believe it is a ripple effect and it will pass on. Everyday I try to help somebody, I make it my mission in life to help people because that is what you should do.”

Miss Bignell has seven children and six grandchildren two of which she lives with. Despite having her hands full she still manages to balance her family, work and continue her acts of kindness.

She added: “I’m quite a loner. I like to be on my own but when someone needs you, you should help.

“When I was younger, I did feel so lonely and I hate that feeling and I’d hate anyone else to feel that as long as you know that one person cares - that’s all it takes.”

Stacey also reaches out to people online offering support when they feel alone and sends positive messages through her Facebook page.

When told about her award she added: “It’s an honour, I’m really shocked because I didn’t expect anything because for me it’s just what you should do.

“Its just such an honour that people care back towards me. It's nice to be appreciated, it's lovely.”

The Community Hero Award allows people in the community to be nominated for their charitable acts of good will. They will then receive an award from Watford businesses.