An MP has written to the county council to arrange a meeting to talk about the state of education in his borough.

Following the announcement of secondary school places, Oliver Dowden, MP for Hertsmere, wrote to Hertfordshire County Council.

In Hertsmere, 90.17 per cent of 1,333 children secured a place at one of their preferred three choices. A breakdown for each area of the borough can be seen towards the bottom of this article.

The figures saw the number of children in Hertsmere requiring a secondary place in September increase from by 3 per cent from 1,292 to 1,333.

Speaking this week after signing his letter to Cllr Terry Douris, responsible for education at the county council, Mr Dowden said: “Making sure all children have access to a good place is one of the main reasons I entered politics. I owe a debt of gratitude for the excellent state education I received, which gave me the very best start in life.

“That’s why I’ve written to the county council to press for an update on what they are doing to meet the rising demand for school places in our borough.

“Schools are already are under pressure and if we are going to build more homes for our children and grandchildren, we must have the right infrastructure, including crucially school capacity.

“I have constantly hammered this message home to the county council and other local agencies, and will continue to do so.”

A date for a meeting is set to be finalised after Cllr Douris responded.

A breakdown of pupil allocations across Hertsmere is below.

Aldenham 78.57pc allocation out of 98 children

Bushey 93.94pc allocation out of 363 children

Elstree & Borehamwood 91.78pc allocation out of 535 children

Potters Bar 89.37pc allocation out of 254 children

Ridge 100pc allocation out of 2 children

Shenley 77.42pc allocation out of 62 children

South Mimms 84.21pc allocation out of 19 children