The Mayor of Watford joined a nursery school for their weekly singalong at a care home for the elderly.

Peter Taylor and Councillor Tim Williams visited Courtland Lodge on March 8 to be a part of Kingswood Nursery School’s regular Friday morning session with residents.

Watford Observer:

Each week the pre-school age children arrive by minibus to help people staying at the care home with art and craft activities, or to sing songs led by a Kingswood Nursery School teacher.

The week before, the gang sang happy birthday to Courtland resident, Sylvia.

Cllr Williams helped Kingswood Nursery School get funding to pay for the minibus they use to visit the Quantum Care home.

Watford Observer:

Kingswood headteacher Bernice Jackson said: “Every aspect of this project has been rewarding. The children have gained so much from having time out of school, going somewhere different and of course mixing with people of different ages. We have seen a different side to some of them - wonderful to observe their confidence grow. I believe our elderly friends have similarly benefited.”

Watford Observer:

Maria Ball, chief executive of Quantum Care, added: “It is really lovely to hear the wonderful stories of the friendships that have been formed through intergenerational projects.

“Children appear to relate to the elderly without judgement and with ease and in return the residents have time to listen in a way that most people don't in this busy world. The engagement is amazing.”