Watford schools are doing well in exams and overall performance despite funding cuts – according to an education watchdog.

Ofsted found schools in the area outperformed those nationally when assessed for GCSE grades and official inspections – despite having less money to spend on pupils.

According to the regulator, 94 per cent of primary schools in Watford were rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ when compared with around 87 per cent in other parts of the country.

That figure jumps to 100 per cent of secondary schools against 82 per cent elsewhere.

At GCSE level, 53 per cent of schools in Watford achieved grades “above expectation” when compared with 46 per cent nationally.

But Watford has a per pupil funding average of £4,252 against £4,694 nationally. That figure is down from £4,519 in 2013/14.

The Collate Loop, a social network for schools speaking to stakeholders and parents, suggests more than £150,000 in savings and revenue could be made across 43 Watford schools which could have a positive impact on per pupil funding.

Martyn Allan, director of The Collate Loop, said; "These are difficult times for education in the country. We must move forward together as a society and new technology provides unparalleled opportunities to improve education, reduce spending and generate an income which can be used for other important items such as school equipment and additional resources. We are proud to offer our private social network to schools as a way of contributing to solving a number of problems.”