Discussions are ongoing in regards to the possibility of opening a second exit at Watford Junction station car park permanently.

Those were the words of the Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, who acknowledged the traffic issues commuters have faced leaving the site, especially in recent months.

Drivers complained it sometimes took more than an hour to get out following roadworks in Clarendon Road earlier this year.

Watford Observer:

Queues to get out of Watford Junction earlier this year

At Watford Borough Council’s full meeting on Tuesday, Labour councillor Sohail Bashir asked whether the St Albans Road exit is something that is being considered as a solution to the ongoing problem.

He added that with plenty of expected development in the area on the horizon, he could only see the problem getting worse.

Mr Taylor said: “I acknowledge that a lot of cars have been stuck. But the St Albans Road exit needs marshalling. Discussions are ongoing with Hertfordshire County Council to make improvements in the area. We recognise there needs to be big improvement.”

Currently, there is only one exit out of Watford Junction into Station Road but the roads are slow because of nearby traffic lights and zebra crossings – so when an incident occurs or roadworks pop up, the problem only intensifies.

Watford Junction is set to go through mass change of its own with a £40m passenger bridge over the railway line, around 2,500 homes, and a new entrance to its east side.

Work on a new entrance and ticket hall in the existing Iveco building in Station Road is expected to begin this spring.

Redevelopment of Watford Junction is hoped to ease congestion through St Albans Road and Woodford Road, according to Watford Borough Council managing director Manny Lewis.