For the first time, Richard Harrington has backed calls for a public vote on any agreement made in Parliament over Brexit.

Watford’s MP, who resigned as junior business minster last week and said he would back a No Brexit over a No Deal, told the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC1 this morning that these were now “desperate circumstances”.

He has given his support to a confirmatory referendum.

He said: “As much as I haven’t supported it up to now, the best way dealing with it is for Parliament to decide but because of turmoil and disruption and disagreement within the country, I think it’s the right thing for the public to confirm it because it’s more than three years since they last had the chance to.”

On the ballot paper, Mr Harrington said people would have the chance to tick ‘No deal’, what Parliament decides on – the PM’s deal he hopes, or a box for those people who want to remain.

He said: “I don’t want this but we are now in desperate circumstances.”

“I’ll still support the PM’s deal but the fact is a lot of people won’t. This winner takes all mentality of both sides, I don’t agree with either of those. In real life people expect a compromise and we’ve done our absolute best to get that and we still will.

“The country is split, parliament is split. Whatever happens, a large amount of people will say they have been betrayed by another large amount of people whichever way it is decided.”

Watford Labour's parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski says despite Mr Harrington's new view, the MP still backs the PM's withdrawal agreement which Mr Ostrowski says will make Britian 'worse off'.

He added: "Like Richard Harrington I support a public vote. The public should have the opportunity to vote in a General Election as soon as possible. Only a new Parliament and a unifying Labour Government can lead us out of this crisis.”

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Watford, Cllr Ian Stotesbury, said, '"It's about time, let's give the public the scrutiny they deserve.

"Well done to everyone who has lobbied and worked to help Richard reach this decision."

UKIP Watford have been approached for comment.